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As Seen in Florida Weekly: Five Healthy Sleep Habits for a New School Year

As another school year approaches, teens and college students are found milking every opportunity to stay out late, sleep in, or even spending time foregoing sleep entirely. Research proves that sleep regulates mood and is closely tied to learning and memory functions, making it critical for teens and young adults to practice healthy sleeping habits. [...]

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Where There Is A Will, There is a Way for Patients

Allergy, Sleep & Lung Care Urges COPD Sufferers to Seek Necessary Treatment to Gain Their Life Back Fort Myers, Fla. – For many, diagnoses of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) can be devastating, discouraging or hopeless. Heat and humidity brought by the end-of-summer weather conditions can make symptoms unbearable for those suffering this common lung [...]

As Seen in Fort Myers News-Press: Watery eyes? Sneezing? Welcome to pollen season

While many people focus on Valentine’s Day and spring-like weather of February, allergy sufferers are concerned with the increasing allergens in the air. In Florida, pollen season begins in February for trees, grasses and weeds. “With the relatively warm temperatures of Florida, allergy-causing plants are growing earlier and quicker than anywhere else in the country,” [...]

As Seen in the Naples Daily News: Asthma treatment has sufferers full of air

Dr. Ahmad and his patient David Cohen were featured in the Naples Daily News about Bronchial Thermoplasty, a new treatment for patients with severe asthma. Below is the article. By: Liz Freeman FORT MYERS, Fla. - A year ago David Cohen could barely walk five feet. Shortness of breath always got the better of him. [...]

Dr. Ahmad Featured on NBC-2 Discussing Tips for Dealing with Allergy Season

Dr. Ahmad was featured on WBBH-TV, NBC-2, in Fort Myers discussing tips for dealing with allergies during the beginning of allergy season. View the video below.

13 Questions You Should Ask the Doctor

Talking with your doctor is the best way to manage your allergy and/or asthma conditions. Here are 13 important questions to ask: What is a healthy humidity level in my home? Should I avoid extreme temperatures? How do I know when the air quality is poor? Is dust a problem? Can I have a pet? What's [...]