Summer is a time for travel and outdoor adventures, but exploring a new place could also lead to unexpected allergic reactions and asthma attacks. Vacation allergies and asthma can get in the way of the fun you had planned and ruin your limited vacation time. To prevent allergy and asthma symptoms, it’s important to do your research before planning a trip.

Vacation allergies and asthma attacks can happen when your body adjusting to a new region it is not familiar with. Before choosing a place to vacation, research the kind and amount of pollen that are in the region during that time of year. Talk to your doctor about these pollen counts and how the specific types of pollen might affect you.

Staying in a hotel can be the leading cause of vacation allergies and asthma attacks. If you are allergic to animals, call ahead and see if they allow pets. If they do, make sure to ask for a floor without them or at room where there was no previous animal guests.

In a vacation filled with outdoor activities, try to over-pack. Exploring the outdoors while camping or visiting a state park can lead to pollen clinging to your clothing. Change out of clothing you used outdoors and shower as soon as you have the opportunity. Over-packing can help prepare for these situations, especially if you do not have access to a washing machine.

Always remember to continue taking all of your allergy and asthma medications. It is important to take medication regularly, even if you are on vacation.

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